Here are some thoughts and stories grandparents in the PHG program have shared.

“I was a sixty-year-old grandmother that knew nothing about what was wrong with my granddaughter… and now I see her learning colors, sign language, talking in full sentences, and finally potty trained. Every day I am a witness to the miracle of her development. This miracle would not have been there without Project Healthy Grandparents’ Early Intervention program. ”

“Well, I only can say good things about the nurses that come out to visit. They keep me going. I don’t worry as much about how my blood pressure is doing or what my weight is or whether I understand what my Doctor said about my health. Those girls are on the ball. They make sure I’m alright.”

“The nurses were great! I hated when my time was up. I started losing weight when they were coming out. I started paying more attention to what I was eating. I enjoyed it.”

“Well, as far as I am concerned, the transportation was a big help. I got to my Doctor appointments on time and everything went alright.”

“The program has been a friend to me. It offered me a helping hand by teaching me how to care for my grandchildren, love them, and discipline them.”

“I love the program because they take the time and they explain things to you. They care and that’s what matters the most.”


Here are stories of grandparents raising their grandchildren

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