Project Healthy Grandparents (PHG) assists grandparent-headed families meet their unique challenges while helping them to meet and sustain family goals. PHG staff consists of interdisciplinary professionals including social workers, and nurses. All services are offered to families free of charge for one full year; afterward grandparents are encouraged to continue attending support group meetings offered by the program. The following services are provided:

Social Work Services
Monthly home visits scheduled by the social worker include family need and resource assessment, goal setting, case management, information and referral. A minimum of one home visit per month is required for all participating families.
Health Services
Home visits by a registered nurse includes a heath assessment of the grandparent with a focus on blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, diabetes and vision screening. Grandchildren are screened for physical health development, including, current child immunization status. Families are linked to local health resources and services, as needed. The number of home visits (i.e., monthly or quarterly) are determined when families enter the program.
Early Intervention Services
Families with grandchildren ages 0-5 years may be screened for developmental delays. If indicative, a referral is made to the Emory Neurodevelopmental Exposure Clinic for a thorough medical, psychosocial, psychological and educational evaluation. PHG social workers assist grandparents to receive any required child development services for their grandchildren.
Grandparent Support Groups
The Grandparent Support Group meets once per month at the campus of Georgia State University. The Group is a forum for obtaining peer support and encouragement, as well as community-based resource information.
Parenting Education Classes
Parenting Education Classes provide grandparents with information on parenting their grandchildren. Topics include behavioral management, grandparent/grandchild interaction, positive parenting strategies, and child development utilizing evidence-based curriculums. Classes occur one session per month.
During the year of participation in Project Healthy Grandparents, transportation is provided to monthly support group meetings, parenting education classes, appointments for developmental evaluations at the Emory Neurodevelopment Exposure Clinic, limited medical appointments, and PHG sponsored special events.


How to Apply for Our Services

To be eligible for services, a grandparent must be raising at least one grandchild age 16 years or younger, the grandchild’s parents must be absent from the home, and the family must reside in South Fulton or South DeKalb County (20-mile radius of downtown Atlanta). If you want to apply for PHG services or would like more information about the program, please call 404-413-1125.