Public Recognition

Articles from the General Press

  • CNHI News Service, “Never Empty Nest: Grandparents as parents is booming national trend,” August 9, 2006.
  • AARP Bulletin, “Mr. Johnson’s new family,” February 2006.
    Susan Kelley, Director of Project Healthy Grandparents, and Judy Perdue, Community Projects Coordinator, discuss the physical, emotional and financial challenges of grandparents raising grandchildren. The article also highlights the experience of PHG alumnus, Ralph Johnson.
  • Conwell, V. “Good Works”. January 4, 2006. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    A brief profile of Project Healthy Grandparents appears in the Living section. Project Healthy Grandparents is a community-service/research program founded by Dr. Susan Kelley, Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences.
  • Lamar, H. (2004, January 17) Over 90,000 Grandparents. The Atlanta Voice.
  • Hendrick, B. (2003, October 17). Increasingly, grandparents raise their kids’ kids. Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    Includes data from the most recent census report showing an increase in grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • Cauley, H. M. (2003 Sept/Oct). The changing grand mom. Atlanta Woman, 32-33.
    The article discusses the experiences of two grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • Generations United (2001, April). Grandparents and other relatives raising children: Access to education. Fact Sheet.
    Discusses the ways states have devised to help children being raised by grandparents access education.
  • Chapman, D. (2001, July 26). Who’s raising the grandchildren? In many homes, it’s grandma. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. C1, C6.
    Nearly 6.5 percent of metro Atlanta kids live with grandparents. The emotional stress of children living without parents has been documented, but less focus has been on the grandparents. Grandparents experience increases in hypertension and diabetes, and increased risk for depression, along with other problems. Project Healthy Grandparents addresses these issues.
  • Grady Health System (2001, Fall). Grandparents raising grandkids: We’re here to help! Grady Gold Generations, 2.
    Describes eligibility and services of Project Healthy Grandparents.
  • Generations United, 2000, August. Grandparents and other relatives raising children: Challenges of caring for the second family. Fact Sheet
    Provides information to serve as a starting point for the development of legislative, administrative, and community policies
  • Georgia State University (2000, Sept). A positive chance for children: Project Healthy Grandparents starts new program just for kids. Source, 5.
    Describes the Youth Academy Program of Project Healthy Grandparents.
  • Nasser, H. (1999, July 1). Raising Grandkids: No day at the beach. USA Today. 1D, 2D, 8D.
    U.S. Census statistics indicate that an increasing number of children are living with their grandparents. This growing trend in family patterns provides evidence that grandparents are having a profound impact on American families.
  • Keeping Grandparents Healthy While They Care for Children. (1998, October 8). The Associated Press.
    Describes Project Healthy Grandparents which helps grandparents improve their health and reduce the stresses associated with child rearing.
  • Hardie, A. (1997, May, 20). Parents, in a grand way. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 1D.
    Describes Project Healthy Grandparents which helps grandparents improve their health and reduce the stresses associated with child rearing.
  • Hardie, A. (1997). Raising the grandkids. Metropolitan: The Magazine of Georgia State University, 1 (2), 1-3.
    Grandparents face additional health risks when they must step in and care for their grandchildren, but through Project Healthy Grandparents, Georgia State faculty, staff and students are helping them reduce the stress of being a parent again while improving their health.
  • Kelley, S. (1997, August 17). ‘Grandfamilies’ in a tight spot. Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    Letter to the editor from Dr. Susan Kelley in support of increasing resources for grandparents raising grandchildren.